Diego was born in Avila, a small city which helped him dream big. Sports were always part of his life, especially soccer, his passion. After finishing his degree at university, he began his career as a professional model, working in the main markets of Europe and Asia. During his work as a model, Diego realized the importance of health and fitness - not just for the aesthetic requirements of modeling, but for longevity and quality of life. Having an active and balanced lifestyle keeps the mind stable and maintains high energy levels.

In 2013, Diego moved to Barcelona where he got his Masters Degree in Nutrition while continuing his work as a personal trainer. After finishing his Masters Degree, he moved to Paris where he developed training for models, athletes and business clients.

In 2014, he landed in Los Angeles to develop his career as a Health Coach, working with an array of clients from business, entertainment and athlete sectors. Besides his daily training sessions with his clients, Diego contributes health and training segments to many television and radio stations.